Frequently Asked Questions

When do the trustees meet to review grant requests?

Quarterly grant review meetings are held in March, June, September and December.

When is the deadline for making a Grant Proposal?

The deadline for our receipt of an applicant's Grant Proposal is the 1st day of the month preceding a quarterly meeting. However, since the review and approval of a Letter of Inquiry must precede the Grant Proposal, an applicant should begin its application process well in advance of that deadline. See the Grant Procedure Guidelines page.

Is there a specific form for a Grant Proposal?

Yes, if an applicant's Letter of Inquiry is approved, we will furnish the applicant an electronic copy of our current Grant Proposal form.

What documentation should accompany a Grant Proposal?

The items of Supporting Documentation and Tax Documentation that must accompany a Grant Proposal are listed on the Grant Procedure Guidelines page. If any of these documents cannot be provided by an applicant, the reasons should be explained in a letter accompanying the Grant Proposal.

How often can an applicant request a grant?

Generally, an applicant will be allowed to make a request only once during a 12 month period regardless of our disposition of the request. To effect this, the guidelines provide that requests made less than 9 months from (i) the declination of a previous request, or (ii) payment of a grant will not be favored. Also, if an applicant receives a multi-year grant payable in installments, 9 months must pass between the last payment to the applicant and a new request.

Can an applicant have a personal meeting with the Trustees?

Generally, a meeting between an applicant and the Trustees is not necessary. However, in some circumstances a meeting will be arranged at the request of an applicant or the Trustees after a request has been submitted and the staff become familiar with the details of the request. The staff is also available by phone or email to discuss a proposed request. We find that this procedure is a better use of your time and ours.

With whom can I speak regarding an application or a meeting?

Please contact Andie Doyle at 719-465-5977 ext. 3 or by e-mail. See Contacts Information page.

Are grants made to individuals to fund scholarships or for other personal purposes?

No, the Chapman Trusts make grants only to (i) charitable organizations qualified as tax exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and (ii) certain public instrumentalities.

What types grants are made by the Chapman Trusts?

The Chapman Trusts are general-purpose private foundations that support a wide variety of programs and projects. See certain limitations described on the Grant Approval Guidelines page.

Do the Chapman Trusts make grants to supporting organizations?

Because Congressional legislation approved in August, 2006 placed limitations on grants to certain supporting organizations classified as public charities under §509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, we are not making grants to such organizations. In some instances, we can make grants to an organization supported by a supporting organization.

Do the Chapman Trusts support special events through sponsorships?

The Chapman Trusts prefer to support organizations through cash grants for projects and programs, capital support, and operations.  Sponsorships for events are very limited. 

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