Grant Making Programs

Each trust maintains a separate charitable grant making program. A major charitable focus of H. A. Chapman during his life, and the lives of his philanthropic parents, James A. and Leta Chapman, was education and medical research.

Historically, that focus has been continued by the foundation that he established. Mary K. Chapman was also interested in supporting education, but as a former nurse and a very compassionate person, much of her charity was directed to health, medical research, and educating and caring for the less fortunate and disadvantaged.

Though there are these and other differences in the founders’ major charitable objectives, the combined grant making programs of the two Chapman Trusts are broad-based. They provide support for nonprofit organizations involved in a wide variety of charitable purposes, including education, medical research, health and human services, arts and culture, civic and community, and nature and wildlife. The allocation of available funds to these purposes is changed from time to time according to the current giving program established by the Trustees.

In the interest of efficiency and lower administrative costs, the trusts are administered jointly, using common forms, guidelines and procedures. The co-managers and Trustees allocate each grant request to the appropriate trust.





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